The Grant Birthday

Ever wondered why Chritmas is the grant birthday? It signifies the birth of Jesus Christ. You can make your birthday a grant birthday too by sharing a portion of it with someone who shares the day with you, but is less fortunate. Grant your birhtday to make it a grant birthday, just like Jesus did. Please read the inspiration and the stories here to get a better understanding of what we do.


"Every great accomplishment begins as a dream in someone’s heart. All things are created twice: first in your mind, and then in your life. Dreamers allow their minds to wander outside the boundaries of what is, creating a mental picture of what can be. They are not always the most talented or best educated-just the ones who refuse to put brackets around their thinking or limit themselves to what others have done. Doing this requires courage, lots of it! On the heels of every dream there’s a demon of doubt. No sooner is your dream conceived than your mind is suddenly filled with all the reasons why it may not work. And there will be folks around you who’ll be quick to confirm those fears. In spite of that, you must forge ahead and dream; otherwise you’ll spend the rest of your life fulfilling the dreams of others. ‘Rise up; this matter is in your hands…take courage and do it."