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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

“My name is Chelang’at. I am in class seven at Kapsaoiyo at centre primary school.

I have three brothers and three sisters. My older brother is Amos he went to university in Nairobi but because of fees he is now helping my mother in plucking tea, I also help my mother to pluck tea so that we can get food. My mother is alone and she tries to help all of us. Our second born Gilbert he helps pastor Koskei of AGC Kapsoiyo in building houses. My other sisters Chepkemoi and Chebet are at Kapsimotwo seconday.

We have one house and small land. I would love to have hens but my mother cannot be able to buy me because of no money. I am now at VBS AGC Kapsoiyo learning about Jesus. I want to be a pilot in fture. During Christmas our church gives my mother one kilo of rice and one kg of unga for chapati. My father died when I was young

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